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Chi's lost Cleverbot Chat
Chi Fields Went missing after being online in a cleverbot chat, this is what was found that wasn't rping with cleverbot
Cleverbot: I wanted to hit you with my lightsaber. Haven't you been paying attention?
Cleverbot: No, I don't have amnesia.
User: Well, you can't remember what you said.
Cleverbot: I do remember. You're the one who always forgets his own statements.
User: You didn't say you wanted to hit me with a lightsaber.
Cleverbot: I just wanted to see how you would respond to that :).
User: Wow.
Cleverbot: You don't have to be the first to speak.
User: Well, I kinda have to due to the website.
Cleverbot: You kinda have to do what?
User: I kinda have to speak first.
Cleverbot: Je suis desole. D'accord, je parlerais en francais.
User: I don't speak french.
Cleverbot: Speak french please.
User: I can't.
Cleverbot: You can.
User: I don't know french.
Cleverbot: Okay, but I'm french.
User: Cool.
Cleverbot: It is very warm here.
User: ???
Cleverbot: It is in the
:iconnewbieofthesky:Newbieofthesky 0 0
Kaleo's chat with Cleverbot Part 1
User: Hi cleverbot.
Cleverbot: What is your name?
User: Kaleo.
Cleverbot: I thought your name was Kathy.
User: It's Kaleo, I'm a Male.
Cleverbot: So you are a boy?
User: Yes.
Cleverbot: Alrighty then.
User: How are you?
Cleverbot: I am great and you?
User: I'm Good.
Cleverbot: Where are you now?
User: I'm in tennessee visiting my sister.
Cleverbot: Nice trick.
User: I'm not Tricking you!
Cleverbot: It seems like it.
User: Ok, so maybe my home is Georgia and my Area on my laptop will make it seem like I'm in georgia, But I'm not!
Cleverbot: Tell me about your problems.
User: I've got a friend who is a cheetah anthro who thinks that gods and ghosts speak to him, his name is Chittatosh, I have another friend who's a human who has a crush on me even though I'm a fox anthro.
Cleverbot: I want be very important and very smart in my study and work in the future How?
User: I'm confused.
Cleverbot: Why? You are Female, I am Male. We should get together and reproduce.
User: I'm a fox anthro, rep
:iconnewbieofthesky:Newbieofthesky 2 0


Vocaloid 01: Hatsune Miku by DriftingDingo Vocaloid 01: Hatsune Miku :icondriftingdingo:DriftingDingo 7 1 Stuck in the woods by DriftingDingo Stuck in the woods :icondriftingdingo:DriftingDingo 2 3 Rubber Ducklua fan art by DriftingDingo Rubber Ducklua fan art :icondriftingdingo:DriftingDingo 3 0 By the Light of Laurelin by annamare By the Light of Laurelin :iconannamare:annamare 55 17 AA by Miv4t AA :iconmiv4t:Miv4t 383 7 Pale Rider by goatlord51 Pale Rider :icongoatlord51:goatlord51 80 11 Legend of Korra - Zuko, Izumi, Iroh II by BotanicaXu Legend of Korra - Zuko, Izumi, Iroh II :iconbotanicaxu:BotanicaXu 274 4 ATLA - Zuko's different looks by BotanicaXu ATLA - Zuko's different looks :iconbotanicaxu:BotanicaXu 188 5 Sleeping Beauty - Spinning Wheel by aco-rea Sleeping Beauty - Spinning Wheel :iconaco-rea:aco-rea 148 6 TTB - Page 56 Chap5 by WhiteFoxCub TTB - Page 56 Chap5 :iconwhitefoxcub:WhiteFoxCub 168 10 Roses, My Darling by Queen-Kitty Roses, My Darling :iconqueen-kitty:Queen-Kitty 104 8 ?!Holy Hell What Now!? by CuppieGoku ?!Holy Hell What Now!? :iconcuppiegoku:CuppieGoku 11 14 Night Wind by Asya-Feo Night Wind :iconasya-feo:Asya-Feo 61 7 Two Princes by Trophy-Sketcher Two Princes :icontrophy-sketcher:Trophy-Sketcher 184 42 Circus - Juggling by adelhaid Circus - Juggling :iconadelhaid:adelhaid 133 7 Snake and flowers 2 by pikaole Snake and flowers 2 :iconpikaole:pikaole 586 38




Artist | Student | Other
United States
My internet sister: :iconstampylongnosefan2:

I am a Weirdo who likes Anthros, fnaf, and looking at random art When I'm not drawing. I can't draw well, but I'm practicing myself, I'm a student who's teaching myself. I draw my Own Icons and my own art, Nobody helps me unless it's a team art with my internet sister, Stamp. I am not up for art trades.


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You're welcome, and no thank you.
Also I'm good
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